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Tzatziki - an excellent summer dip from yoghurt and garlic. Here is a simple recipe of the traditional Greek starter.

1 kg of yogurt ,
2   large cucumber s,
5 pieces of garlic ,
a little bit of dill ,
1/2   cup of   virgin olive   oil   Scorpios,
vinegar, salt, pepper  

Clean the cucumbers, grind it and strain it. Crush the garlic with the salt. Add all the ingredients in a bowl, mix it and tzatziki is ready. Cover it and keep it in the fridge. Goes well as a starter with fresh bread or as a dip with grilled meats.

Choriatiky Salad  - a traditional Greek Salad, healthy and easy to make.  

1 tomato,
1 small cucumber,
1 green or red pepper,
a piece of feta cheese,
red onion,
2-3 teaspoons of virgin olive oil Scorpios,
1 teaspoon balsamico,
salt and oregano.

Wash the vegetables well and chop them up in pieces. Place them in a plate and add the feta cheese. You can crumble, cut or place the piece whole. Add the olives, oregano, salt and pepper, balsamico and virgin olive oil Scoprios and mix up gently.  

Fish Soup  -  aslo known as Kakavia.

1 kg fish,
3 large potatoes,
3 carrots,
2 ribs of celery and parsley,
thick sea salt,
fresh milled pepper,
1 cup of virgin olive oil Scorpios,
1 cup fresh lemon juice.

Clean the fish and slice it into a peaces. Flavour it generously with the salt and pepper from both sides, put it into a bowl and keep it in the cold place for 2 - 3 hours. Peel the potatoes and then cut them to quarters. Place them at the bottom of the pot so as to cover all the area with one layer. Peal and cut the carrot and place it on the potatoes. Then take the fish and place it into the pot. Clean and cut the onion, the celery and parsley in the small peaces an add to the pot.   Add water to the pot up to the   3/4   of the fish.   Bring quickly to boil and boil it for 20 minutes. Carefully turn all the peaces of the fish and keep it to boil for another 15 - 20 minutes according to the size of the fish . You can see when the fish is cooked if the meat separates easily from the fish backbone. Just before removing from the fire pure in one separately plate virgin olive oil Scorpios and fresh lemon juice and whip it with a fork into a creamy sauce. Add to the pot, bring to the boiling and take out of the fire. Carefully remove the fish and serve separately the soup with carrots and fish with potatoes.  

Lamb Chops with Greek Barbeque Sauce

750 g lamb chops  washed and drained,
thick see salt,
fresh milled pepper,
1/2 glass virgin olive oil Scorpios,
1/2 glass fresh lemon juice,

Flavour generously the chops with salt and pepper from both sides and put it on the cold place for at least one hour. Take out the chops and grilled them. Use hot coals and turn the chops every 2-3 minutes, carefull to not burn them. While before the chops are ready prepare the sauce. Pour the virgin olive oil Scorpios and lemon juice into a small bowl. Add a little bit of ogegano and whip all the ingrediens with a fork untill you get a creamy sauce. When the chops are ready take them off the grill and pour them with the sauce. Serve with fresh salad, bread or chips, try with tzatziky.
We recommend oil-lemon sauce for all kind of grilled meat or fish.

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