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Olive oil is the main fat consumed in the Mediterranean countries. Greece is the third biggest producer of olive oil in the world and produces more then 350 thousand tons olive oil a year. More then 70 % of it is extra virgin olive oil. According to the chemical analysis of EU, Greece produces the highest quality of olive oil in the world because of various reasons; such as the mountainous terrain of the landscape and the climate, which give unique characteristics in each chemical constitution.
Greeks are on the first place in the world with the biggest consummation of extra virgin olive oil per person. In Crete the incidence of chronic diseases is one of the lowest and life expectancy is almost the highest in the world.
Extra virgin and virgin olive oil prevents against cancer, heart failures and cardiovascular diseases. It decreases blood presure and cholesterol, it is recomended also for pregnant women and brestfeeded children, it also has an effect on bone calzification, bone mineralization, slows down the cells ageing process and many other benefits...
Olive oil is the most resistant to heating in compare with any other fat. It keeps stable also the high temperatures and this is the reason for beeing ideal for cooking and frying, let alone for salads, sauses... The temperature of overheating of extra virgin olive oil is 210 °C, of sunflower oil 180 °C, of butter 110 °C.

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